Susimagin setting up her work during an exhibition


Professional Artist photographer based in Florence, exhibiting her work regularly in art shows

my story

Susi Rossini starts taking pictures when she is 7 years old. Her studies in architecture (Politecnico di Milano) and lighting design (Hollands Licht studio in Amsterdam), alongside her trips to Paris, Bilbao, Ronchamp and New York inspire her perception of space as dynamic. Her first exhibition Floating Images happens in 2002 in the houseboat where she lives at that time in Amsterdam. She is mostly inspired by abstract art, jazz music, tricks of light and shadows, reflections and by travelling.

In 2002 she takes part into the lighting design project for the Exhibition of Argentinian Dinosaurs in the Museum Naturalis in Leiden, the Netherlands. In 2003 she takes part in the lighting design project for the exhibition of Van Dyck in the Palazzo Reale, Milan.

In 2004 she achieves the Master in Architecture for Shows at the Architecture University of Genoa. In 2005 she studies Curating Contemporary Art at St Martin’s College, London. In 2006 and 2008 she receives two Artistic Grants by London Arts Council for photographic projects about Putney Community.

In the following years, living in Kent, she takes part to fundraising projects for artistic shows and thanks to her fundraising achievements during her collaboration with Oxfam GB she takes part into a two weeks journey to Uganda, entirely financed by Oxfam, visiting the NGO projects in Kitgum and Kempala. Her photo reportage about Oxfam Projects in Uganda is now part of Oxfam's Words and Picture Library.

Since 2002 until now she has been exhibiting every year in the town where she was living: Amsterdam, Genoa, London, Faversham, Whitstable, Florence. Some of the exhibitions she took part in have raised funds for charity projects.

In 2015 publishes her first book Italian Moods.

Since 2015 Susi lives in Florence and studies photographic portraiture for the reportage and abstract painting.

In 2017 Susi publishes her second book Abstractions, which is now part of the library of the Kunsthistorisches Institut Max-Planck in Florence.

artist statement

Susi Rossini’ s photography captures the light transitions between day and night, reflections in the water, movement in nature and in the landscape. She is mainly inspired by abstract expressionism, jazz music and light and shadow tricks and by reflections.

Exhibition poster of Susimagin


2023, Salle du Corps de Garde, from 16th August until 31st of August Bonifacio, Corse
2023, Galerie Noir et Blanc, from 25th Mai until 20th of June Bastia, Corse
2020, Genova Art Expo Satura Art Gallery, Genoa
2019 1ST Prize at Premio Panzano Pittura, Orto Sassolini Panzano in Chianti, Tuscany
Art Gallery Blob Cornici, From 23rd July 2019 until end of August Palau, Sardinia
2018 Sfumature del mare Cultural Association di Panzano, Tuscany
2018 Genova Art Expo Satura Art Gallery, Genoa
2018 Italian Moods La Nicchia Winebar Enoteca, Florence
2017 Premio Pittura Panzano Orto Sassolini, Panzano, Tuscany
2017 Italian Moods Cultural Association Amici di Panzano, Panzano, Tuscany
2016 Mostra di Fotografia Art Studio 54, Florence
2015 Abstract Horizons Creek Creative Gallery, Faversham
2014 SEE Art Fair Tunbridge Wells, England
2014 Art at the purifier Purifier Building, Faversham
2014 Diversi Macknade Farm, Faversham
2014 If you look at the trees you may not see the forest The Pomegranate Tree, Faversham
2012 Artists at the Assembly Rooms Assembly Rooms, Faversham
2012 Hues and Hats Heselden Hats Shop, Faversham
2012 Abstract Patterns The Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre, Whitstable
2011 I can see my home from here Macknade Farm, Faversham
2014 If you look at the trees you may not see the forest Fleurs de Lis gallery, Faversham
2010 365 A Year in the life of Faversham Fleurs de Lis gallery, Faversham
2008 Garden City Village St. Margaret's Church Hall, Putney, London
2006 Putney Art Royal Hospital for Neuri-disability, Putney, London
2005 Natural Artificial Oxfam Shop Putney, London
2004 Dialoghi Liberi Cultural Association Satura, Genoa, Italy
2003 Water and Hollande QRP Office, bergamo, Italy
2003 Spirit ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam
2002 Flowing Frames Houseboat Medicijn Man, Amsterdam
Purple glicine


« Susi Rossini's photographs make use of visual glimpses taken from wider landscapes, where details are aimed at triggering emotional responses by inevitably fragmenting perception.

The outcome is a photography that reaches beyond casual reality to enter the realm of poetry. Thus, water reflections resemble echoes of dematerialized objects escaping identification or adding interest to a mundane landscape, unexpected images arise from bizarre fountains where water features create fading architectures;

holes in the ground reflect ships and blue skies as light can mysteriously gush from a crack in space, be swallowed up by the darkness of a window, or draw musical hieroglyphs.»